What Makes You Giddy With Delight?

A few weeks ago some friends and I asked each other this question: What makes you giddy?

All of us chimed in from Christmas, ehh..umm.. to our favorite coffee in the morning, to canning, to traveling back home to a favorite place.

It was so cool to hear all the ladies different answers.

Now, let me explain what I mean by giddy. I’m talking what makes you feel like a young kid again, your heart beat fast, and makes you smile from ear to ear?

Some of you are saying, I have no clue, I haven’t felt giddy in a long time. (If that’s you then honey please keep reading).

One of the things which makes me giddy is surprises and my hubby LOVES to surprise me. He knows if he can surprise me I will squeal like a kid and that’s totally what he is going for.

Yesterday, I was thinking about Jesus saying He wanted us to have faith like children. Because children trust and believe God right? So today I woke up and thought if God wants us to have faith like children, what about wonder and delight?

I just read the book Love Does from Bob Goff.

Whimsy has always been a favorite word of mine and after reading his book I love it even more.

You MUST read this book, it’s a life-changer. The thing I love about Bob and his stories is this dude is just enjoying life. He is all about whimsy, wonder, and discovery.

When I closed the last page of the book, I thought, what in the world, why do we lose this? I know life is hard, busy, and we are adulting and no one has time to be giddy right?


Listennnnnn Linda…… we get one life. ONE. LIFE! We get about five seconds on this planet to enjoy this beautiful life God has given to us.

I’m tired of being tired, of striving, of wishing for more, when gosh darn it I have an amazing life now because I”m still here and breathing!

And so are you.

So here’s your assignment. (Yes, I’m being bossy and giving you an assignment.)

When you get a minute I want you to write down things or activities which bring you JOY. Things that make you feel alive and bring out the spark in you.

Then make a plan to fit more of those things into your life.

It doesn’t have to be big things, (purple pens bring me joy.) I’m realizing more and more we crave simple, simplicity is good, little is good. I think we will discover it’s the simple things which bring us the most joy in life.

Friend, it’s time we feel excited about life again, for real.

Because here’s what I know: When you and I do things we enjoy and take time to appreciate the life God has given to us and squeal in delight even over the smallest things, guess what?

I dare say that makes God giddy.

Because we are showing Him we trust Him, believe Him, and even in our hardest circumstances we can find joy.

And when we do that, I can picture His smile being as wide as heaven. 🙂


I would LOVE to hear your answers on what makes you giddy and what #simplelittlejoyfulthings you love. Please share in the comments below. Let’s find wonder and delight together my friend! 🙂



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4 comments on “What Makes You Giddy With Delight?

  1. Pretty things in nature, wild flowers, sunsets, cloud formation, colorful birds.
    Things my 4 yr old grandson says.
    Music, especially the type that gets me on my feet dancing before the Lord.

    • Helena, love flowers and birds! Both make me giddy. And dancing before the Lord. Be blessed my friend. xo

  2. When I have prayers answered.and feel the spirit of peace when there’s confusion all around, yet I sit still an feel happy inside, because I know my heavenly Father, is in control 💚

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