A Letter to Those Asking, “Who The Heck Am I?”

I felt compelled to write you because I’ve asked the very same question you’re asking. When I look back to my teens and early twenties I had no iota who I was.

I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, what my talents were, I didn’t even know my favorite color.

Most importantly though, I had no clue who God was. Or, the spiritual gifts He would give me, (I didn’t even know He gave gifts like that), or who He was making me to be.

I was insecure, hungry for attention, and thinking if I just became pretty and sweet enough, and adjusted my mask to whomever I was with– I would find who I was and have forever glowing happiness.

Oh sweet young self, if I could go back and talk to you the things I would tell you.  Since, I cannot go back and talk to her, I want to talk to you who opened this page.

Somehow we think we will find who we are by what we do. 

If you were to look at yourself in a mirror and I asked, “Who are you?”  You would most likely answer with something you do.

When really, that’s just a smidgen of who you are. Because let’s be honest, sometimes the things we do are to get people to accept us, or for us to accept us, so even that can be tricky.

I started on a journey of knowing who I was when I said yes to Jesus and to following Him.

I know, I know, sounds typical and cheesy, but it’s the truth.

Because I realized how in the world was I going to figure out who I was, what I believe, and what He put inside of me if I didn’t know Him, His voice, or leading?

I wobbly began my journey with Him desperately trying to listen. I began putting my ear up to His word and begging for Him to speak.

And He did.

And He’s going to do the same for you if you ask.

First, He will begin healing you of any false identities. Let me explain.

You see, up until this point (like I said earlier) you’re still thinking who you are is what you do, how you look, or what people say about you.

Let me share a story from the bible to prove my point. It’s when Simon (Peter) first meets Jesus. When Peter approaches Jesus, he says to him:

“You are Simon son of John. You will be called Cephas”. (which is Peter and means “Rock”). John 1:42

He tells Peter immediately who he is going to become and renames him.

Now, picture this scene keeping in mind Jesus is God. Jesus from the get go knows Peter intimately. He knows Peter’s insecurities and the mistakes he will make. He also knows Peter will become one of His closest friends.

I absolutely love this story and can’t stop smiling.

I can’t help but think when Peter walked up to Jesus, Jesus must have smirked thinking to himself:

“Dude, you have no idea how I’m going to rock your world and who I’m making you to become.” 

He tells Peter to follow Him and he does. Peter falls and stumbles as he’s learning how to be a disciple. And during that whole time he is desperately trying to figure out who he is.

This is where you come in.

You’re going to do the same.

You are going to follow and fall. (and that’s okay he knew we would), but as you listen to His voice some things are going to become clear.

He is going to show you when you’re craving for someone or something to fill you other than Him.

He is going to show you what makes your spirit come alive, (those are clues to the things He has gifted you to do and to change the world).

He’s also going to ask you to do hard things, like, believe Him when it feels impossible to do so. To love those who hate you and forgive them.

In essence, He’s going to show you what you’re made of.

And because your new sassy self is growing, you are going to fling off those false identities to make room for who you really are. 

It’s funny because the world tells us to find ourselves we must begin with us, when in reality, we must begin with God.

Dear You asking, “Who the heck am I?” Whom are you looking to for answers? Are you begging other fallible human beings to answer this question?

My friend, don’t waste another day looking in a mirror.

Look to the One who holds your answers, your heart, and who is waiting to give you your new name. 

He knows everything about you.

Your dreams, what you’re going to be when you grow up, what makes you come alive, and yup, even your favorite color.

And He’s standing there right beside you, smirking, and saying:

“You have no idea how I’m going to rock your world and who I’m making you to become.”


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  1. Hi Holly, I think I just signed up for your blog, can’t wait to see if I did this correctly. Love, love what you have to say. Keep praisin God, and spreading His word!!!

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