big-faders-group-pic-2Topics I speak about:

* Broken Open- This talk is for all of us in the Body of Christ who need to be encouraged that God can take the broken places in our lives and use them for His body for encouragement and healing. I illustrate this by sharing my story of depression, anxiety and ADD and how ashamed I was for years that I struggled with these issues as a believer.  I explain that during the last few years the Lord has shown me that keeping our brokenness to ourselves not only keeps us sick, but does nothing to benefit our brothers and sisters around us going through the same struggles. This is more than a story about depression-this is a story of becoming wounded healers in the Body of Christ, taking off our masks and realizing His love makes us strong enough to be brave, broken open and whole.


*The One God Has For You -This topic is all dating and relationships with teenagers, young adults or singles. A question teens ask me is: When do you know you’ve the met “The One” God has for you?  In this topic I cover dating, what did God meant about being “equally yoked” sex, purity and I also cover friendships in their lives and whether they are sharpening them in Christ or dulling them.

* Stop Wishing to be like “Her” and Step Into the Woman God Has Called You To Be– I can easily share on this topic for women because I have struggled my whole life with comparison and wishing I could be just like “her”. I share how God is teaching me to have victory in this area (can I get an Amen?!) This talk will encourage and equip women and young women with the tools on how to stop wishing and start “steppin'” into the unique, brilliant, and confident woman He has called them to be. (Read my post here on this subject: If I Could Just Be Like Her)

*Churchy Fellowship Versus Your Peeps- We in the Church are desperate for real fellowship with other believers. We are tired of the fake hellos and smiles and we are craving something so much deeper. In this topic I share the importance of cultivating a small community in your life and how without it we cannot fulfill our purpose. I show through God’s word not only were we meant to do life together, but empower one another to fulfill our callings and thrive in our relationships.

I can speak for women’s events, schools, and church groups. If you have any questions or would like for me to come speak at your event, go to my contact page, send me an email and I can send you more details.


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