As a family we’ve been watching home videos the last week.  We got rid of  our cable, so we pulled out our home videos to have something to watch together.  We’ve been laughing our heads off. From Tyler at 2 years old on the potty screaming, “MAMA, Ka-Ka!” as he proudly points to his new contribution in the […]

The Power of Words

I’ve been thinking about words the last few days and the power of them.  I recently read a book from Charles Martin called “The Dead Don’t Dance”.  In one of the last chapters a teacher’s student leaves him a note explaining to him what his words of love and encouragement had done for her life. Here […]

Pressing through the Pain

Pain and suffering has a way of getting our attention.  It makes us stop dead in our tracks. From stubbing our toes, to being betrayed or hurt deeply by others, pain has a way of not only making us stop and pay attention- but it can also be a reflector of things hidden and brimming […]