When You’re Longing for a Christmas Miracle

When You’re Longing for a Christmas Miracle

  A couple of years ago I heard a story about a young woman courageously standing up at a meeting and sharing her recovery story of heroin addiction. She now has three years clean. A miracle of all miracles, if you know anything about heroin addiction. I’ve spoken to many alcoholics and addicts who have begged God […]

3 Ways to Recapture the Magic & Meaning of Christmas (Giveaways and Free Printable)

It’s time we make some changes in how we do Christmas. Many of us get so stressed out at Christmas and here are a few of the culprits: We’ve accepted stress and chaos as the norm, we people please, and we barrel into the season with no plan whatsoever. Think about it, we don’t want to […]

Welcome to Deck Your Halls & Hearts With Holly! (Giveaways!)

Welcome friends! I’m over here like a kid on Christmas morning, cheesy I know, but it’s true, I’m so excited to have you here! I can’t wait to journey together for the next few weeks of Advent and experience Christ together. Here are a couple things you need to know right off, if you don’t […]